Novice exhibitors don't make up budget for stand construction

      Is there a big difference between the booth effect and the booth effect picture? Just like online purchasers and sellers? Some novice exhibitors always complain that the booth construction effect is not good, and it is not as good as it is in the past. Most of the reasons behind it are from the exhibitors because the exhibition company is fictitiously high in the construction budget of the booth, which causes an illusion to the exhibition designer. The budget is used for planning. After multiple rounds of communication, the final booth plan is finalized. The exhibition company begins to offer with joy. After the exhibitor gets the quotation, he feels that the price is too high and the price is greatly reduced. The exhibition company is helpless at this point. The retrogression caused the effect of the booth built at the exhibition site to be very different from that previously negotiated.
      I have also written several articles to explain the issue of booth budget. This time, we mainly deal with the problem of booth construction budget for novice exhibitors. When novice exhibitors choose to participate in the exhibition, they must not raise the booth construction budget too high. If the booth budget is 50,000, you can tell the exhibition company that the budget is between 50,000 and 60,000, give an interval value, and leave room for both parties. You can still cut the price when the price is finally discussed, and the effect of the booth will not show up. The difference will be too big; don’t have a budget of only 50,000 or even know how much the budget is. Blindly tell the exhibition company that the budget is between 80,000 and 100,000, this span is too large, and both parties will be unhappy in the end, the effect is not satisfactory, because Both parties had previously expected too much.
      Novice exhibitors may not have been exposed to the exhibition before, and some of the problems and standards for the booth construction budget are not so clear. There will be large deviations when setting the budget, but it is necessary to plan the budget range in advance to avoid these problems. Affect the participation.